Tackle the basics, Lay a solid Foundation

It’s surprising to see how so many businesses fail not because they don’t know the advanced ninja techniques but because they ignore the basics. 

To build a million-dollar fashion brand, you need a solid foundation. You have to stay true to your business and promise never to skip the basic steps. But what happens is that often you get so busy running your business that you fail to prioritize your daily business activities. You get fixated on the advanced ‘sexy’ stuff and forget to take care of ‘the basics’. 

So with this post in our tweetstorm series, we would like you to do a simple exercise. Make a list of all the small and unsexy items that you have been postponing and knowing overlooking. 

Some Popular misses
We can’t give you an exhaustive list because we all have our own unique blindspots but we can give you some examples of the popular misses from the patterns we have noticed working with our clients.

  • Make sure your website is ‘fast to use’ on mobile & desktop
    (your google page load speed might be low but there shouldn’t be any lag when your customers use it)
  • Invest in getting a solid brand identity (logo, colors, typography)
    This enables you to be consistent with your visual communication
  • Your website should easy to shop on ‘mobile’
  • Help customers pick the right size on the product page (use size chart pop-ups & guides)
  • Offer multiple payment options
  • Offer them relevant filter & sorting options to browse through the inventory
  • Your shipping & return policy page should be crisp and easy to understand
  • The products should be easy to browse from the menu
  • There should be a way for customers to live chat with you 
  • The product search results should be accurate
    (which often means you have to ensure your product name & descriptions have relevant keywords in them)
  • The product pictures should be of high quality and edited professionally 
  • Write high-quality product descriptions
    (we see some many retailers skipping this step, especially when they have larger inventory)
  • Make sure Google rich snippets & open graph tags are working
  • Allow customers to get notified for out of stock products

We can go on and on with this list but we bet you already know these. All you have to do is stop postponing and tackle these items starting from today. And more importantly, stop expecting results & sales growth until you take care of these obvious basics.

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know if you have your basics covered? Talk to us and we might be able to help you find your blind spots and strengthen the foundation of your business so that you can invest in your marketing activities and expect results.


This is part of the Tweetstorm series by I Love Fashion Retail about “How to Grow Sales of an Online Fashion Brand into Multi-Million”. You can check other tweets and posts of this Tweetstorm series here.

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