Don’t just Sell: Know the Larger Purpose of your Brand

As a fashion brand, you want your customers to relate to you. You want them to feel so proud of associating with your brand that they can’t stop liking and sharing your pictures on their social media. It’s not easy but there are plenty of modern, direct to consumer brands who have successfully managed to connect with their customers at a much deeper level. You have to go beyond just creating aspirational value and give your customers a bigger reason to associate with your brand. You tell them about the purpose of your brand – a purpose that is larger than your product and the brand itself. And the rewards are great, as modern consumers are more loyal to brands that claim a larger mission – a mission that goes beyond just selling products.

A good example of it is Billie – female-first shaving brand for women. Georgina Gooley, the Co-Founder of Billie wanted her brand to give its customers a fresh view of women’s body hair & beauty. Since inception, the brand challenged the social norm towards women’s body hair being seen as ugly. Before Billie, all the female razor brands including bigger ones were selling women’s razor by showing visuals of women post hair removal. These brands used to shy away from showing the hairy skin of women. Billie took the stand and challenged this norm. They encouraged women to see their body hair as beautiful. 

The first body hair campaign was released in June 2018, featuring artful, high-contrast, pink-hued photographs and videos of women proudly modeling with visible body hair. 

Billie’s ads showed hairy skin of women, instead of models grooming their already hairless legs.

Customers saw a new brand that sold the same razor to them but was inspiring them to love their body hair instead of being ashamed of them. News and lifestyle sites started covering the campaign, giving Billie free publicity and most importantly brand loyalty.

Likewise, you need to find your brand’s larger purpose which gives your customers a bigger reason to connect with your brand. Your marketing should inspire them to not only own your products but also give them a chance to be part of something bigger.

Don’t just sell, bring a change. If you want to grow, your brand needs a larger purpose. 

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