We are very impressed with the work done by Pulkit and his team. Pulkit and the I Love Fashion Retail team did a thorough review of our particular needs as a company and not only constructed a custom, stunning website for us, but completed it within an incredibly accelerated time frame. Pulkit worked day and night to help us reach our launch date and we were overwhelmingly impressed by what they produced. They were always responsive, professional and their work was of exceptionally high quality. I cannot speak highly enough of I Love Fashion Retail. Feel free to contact me if you need any further convincing. I have no doubt we will be working with them again in the future. 

~ Emily // Jennie – HARE+HART, USA



Pulkit and his team are excellent and I would highly recommend them. Pulkit’s a great communicator, hard-working, and produces results. He understands e-commerce marketing unlike anyone else I know. People like him are hard to come by! His early work for us continues to benefit us to this day. He’s really excellent. 

~ Adriel Darvish, JoinSwitch



We hired them for two projects. The first time we worked with them on a jewelry e-commerce website. We were so happy with that, we reached out to them for further website development, integration, and maintenance.  They completely customized the websites to suit the brand’s aesthetics, site functionalities, requirements, and so on. We’re proud of the site and have been told many times how nice it looks.

Pulkit is an excellent communicator with a super quick turnaround. The fact that the project manager is so easy to communicate with, either via email or skype for calls, is priceless.

They continue to be an important part of our team as our website continues to get better and more comprehensive. I’ve recommended them to people I know who need their websites because they’re that good. Not only is the team very skilled at creating websites that look good, but they’re also capable of programming complicated customizing product options. We’ve now been working with them for over three years on a continuous, consistent basis.





It’s been one of the most satisfying experiences to work with them. Unlike other vendors, I appreciate that their team challenged my own assumptions and provided creative input along the way. They are both technically savvy as well as creatively talented. They helped us enormously when it came to clarifying the brand itself, our objectives, and our mission—the design fell into place very easily from there.

They collaborated closely with me on objectives and new design concepts and then redesigned the Shopify website to include certain customizations. Through the discovery phase of the project, they helped us highlight our unique qualities and our position as a social and environmentally friendly company.   They designed a user-friendly, beautiful website that helped improve overall online engagement. Their team was instrumental in helping convert the brand into a lifestyle brand, encouraging users to try out different types of items rather than just purchasing to replenish basic wardrobe needs.

They were very organized, transparent, and diligent throughout the process. Despite not meeting in person, communication and project tasks were handled well through phone calls and Basecamp.

I Love Fashion Retail was instrumental in redefining the brand and developing a beautiful, user-friendly website.

Vasumathi Soundararajan,
Founder, KenWroy – USA
Former Marketing AVP – House of Anita Dongre – USA



Fell in love with the blog, read all the ebooks in a week and finally purchased the Minimalist a bit over a week ago and got thru that amazing piece in 3 hours. Something I’ve passed to my staff at a new women’s fashion apparel brand I’ve begun working with and I bug them to read it every darn day. I learned so much, the way you e laid the material out in The Minimalist was so easy to read in the evening after 12 hour days of work for a fast fashion brand, I loved the examples you used such as brands and how they tell stories with product descriptions as if it’s a real life in the store scenario.

I’ve come from a fashion background and have been working for many brands as a consultant mostly focusing on project management of websites and strategy development and execution but this book has opened my eyes to so much more than what I’ve gotten from all the material throughout the years in a more compelling way. I’d consider you the Fashion version of Gary Vaynerchuk but with a subtle and heartfelt approach.


~ Andre McKay, California



There’s been a substantial return on our investment. Before, I sent all my emails individually. Using email funnels, we’re getting between 5-10 leads per-day. I actually had to ask him to pause the campaign for a while because we were inundated with so many inquiries. Also, the marketing material they created has helped us generate leads. They’ve also been instrumental in providing copywriting. They’ve helped me write and edit my marketing material to support me for lead generation.

~ John Duque, Agent Management Solutions



The amount of valuable information on your site is impressive. I read all of your blog posts and I’m conducting my business based on your advices. I made notes on different subjects from your posts and everytime I’m in trouble I go back and reread them. In a way, you are my companion on my start-up. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
Bogdan Voinescu, Tram21


 I read your posts on a regular basis… constantly searching for ways to improve our business. I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your site is a wonderful resource.
Michael Jamin, TwirlyGirl 


Overjoyed! The single most valuable blog I have read since making the decision to venture out on my own. The ideas are flowing and I now have a clear focus of where I want to go. I am optimistic in my ability to go large now, whereas prior to reading this, I believed I could be a nice, small, never heard of  brand. A million Thanks.
Ruth Ann Johnston, RaJ





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