How Bigger Fashion Brands Structure Their Digital Marketing Team (and what you can learn from them)

An organization, just like an organism depends on the skeletal framework and the organs within. This time, we’ll dissect and look at the digital marketing department of bigger big fashion brands. We will list the key members within different departments of the digital marketing team and learn how they work together to create marketing campaigns. You can use this article to understand the workflow of digital campaigns in bigger organizations and how they structure the members within their own organization.

Anatomy of a Digital Marketing Team

The Digital Marketing team of a fashion brand can be typically structured into five departments: Editorial Team, Creative Production, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Technology team. Each team has a specific set of skills and roles to play, which we will discuss below.


1) Editorial Team – the textual content creators
First, there is this team that produces all the ‘textual’ content necessary to create marketing campaigns and engage with customers. Depending on the scale of operations and organizational strength, the content team of a fashion brand can comprise of the following members:

  • Strategist: She evaluates the content environment by objective & competitive analysis, and determines the topics and overall theme.
  • Writer: She writes a condensed, long or short-form analysis of elements and has a more than rudimentary understanding of these topics along with what the general flow should be.
  • Editor: An editor signs-off on the content once it’s written. Her roles can be interchangeable with those of a strategist depending on how content-centric the brand is.
  • Copywriter: The copywriter typically writes shorter pieces of creative text. Her job is to focus on the brand and sell the idea as opposed to content writers whose job is to be informative.

2) Creative Production team to create aesthetics & visuals
Also known as the production team, the job of a Creative team is to decide the overall personality of the brand and produce visual content. This team comprises of art director, designer, videographer and producer:

  • Art Director: She is the person who defines the general tone, voice and overall personality of the brand from interiors to the artistic image.
  • Designer: She creates graphic elements and visualizes the ideas. She works on the outlook of the brand from website layouts to Social Media identity to packaging. She provides the look after the director provides them with the feel.
  • Videographer: She is in charge of the video content from events, behind the scenes (BTS) to live-streaming. This team can also include sound and video editors.
  • Producer: Just like a movie producer, she allocates the necessary budget and resources to bring campaigns to life in the forms of audios, videos, and pictures.


3) Digital Marketing Team – The Engine
The Digital Marketing team is the heart of the marketing department. In a way, all the teams including the production team, editorial team, and other members produce content for the marketing team to ensure the marketing team has the necessary fuel to keep the marketing engine running. Depending on the scale of operations, a digital marketing team of a fashion ecommerce brand can have a strategist, analyst, CRM, Customer Service, Public Relations and Brand communication:

  • Chief Marketing Officer: In bigger organizations, this is the boss in charge who manages the entire marketing process to ensure the marketing and sales goals are met.
  • Marketing Strategist: Failing to plan is planning to fail. As the name signifies, a strategist creates the overall marketing strategy. She knows the products, the audience, the need for each product among the audience, the various marketing channels that need to be accessed, and has a great understanding of the competition and knows what sells.
  • Marketing Analyst: She is the one who analyzes the marketing environment such as competitors, pricing trends, demand, localization trends, etc and provides the data to the strategist who then lays out a plan for the campaign. They form the backbone of the marketing strategy.
  • Experimental + Events: It’s a department that has seen quick growth recently. They organize events, runway shows, influencer events, and stores.
  • CRM: This person or team is all about Customer Relationship Management and creates marketing assets such as email newsletter schemes using a customer information database.
  • Customer Service: They mostly deal with customer complaints and concerns, however, they can be part of marketing. They add another level of communication with the user base, especially on Social Media channels such as Twitter & Facebook where customers tend to post support requests.
  • Public Relations Manager: Think of a babysitter who tells you what would get you into trouble with the media, and what will help the brand make headlines.
  • Brand Communications: Think of them as PR Manager, but instead of media, it’s in relation to other businesses. They work with the PR manager to create and maintain the brand reputation.


4) Social Media Team
This team manages the presence of the brand on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. The Media team can comprise of team members such as:

  • Social Media Strategist: Just like the above strategists who lay out the tactics based on a plan, but with socially prevalent ideas.
  • Social Media Analyst: She examines the social problems and trends and helps the strategist with their gathered data.
  • Community Manager: They manage social media including posts and addressing online queries within an appropriate time frame. Large brands have a customer service branch of social media as well.
  • Acquisition: They take measures to grow the audience across all platforms.
  • Paid Ad Expert: They manage paid ads on Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • Influencer Relations: Think of it as PR, but for social influencers.


5) Technology Team
These are the team members that oversee the technical implementations related to marketing campaigns using programming code, website designs and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology team can comprise of:

  • Developer: They create, maintain and build upon websites and mobile applications.
  • Data Scientist: An analyst who is part mathematician, part computer scientist, part trend spotter, who interprets complex digital data.
  • UI/UX designer: They are responsible for users having a smooth shopping experience by improving website & mobile app design and usability by utilizing negative spacing, eye-catching fonts, and illustratable visuals.


Closing lines
This is how bigger brands structure their digital marketing team. Now that you have a framework, you can use it to structure your own digital marketing team as per your company-culture, business model, marketing objectives and above all the available resources at your disposal. Needless to say, smaller fashion businesses don’t have the leverage of employing bigger teams and many team members including the top-management has floating roles. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below or tweet us at @ilovefashionret.

Image: Fashion United

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