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How we helped a kids wear multi-brand store make its social media content more engaging with the same content?

Do you hate your brand’s Instagram feed because you have been posting the same product pictures again and again? Pause and read this.

The start-up labels with a limited budget who can’t afford expensive photoshoots have limited options when it comes to pushing content. It makes their brand look monotonous and undifferentiated on their social media.

We recently audited the Instagram account of many fashion labels. We found that many of them, especially start-up private labels who don’t have access to professional help are clueless about what to post on their Instagram. They don’t have the production budget like bigger labels to spend on frequent photo shoots, and thus they end-up posting repetitive product pictures on their Instagram from their website.

Talking about multi-brand stores, they are heavily dependent on their suppliers to provide them with the product pictures. To make it worse, their suppliers provide the same pictures to at least a dozen other retailers.

What’s the solution?

We were talking to a client who was in a similar situation. They are a kidswear multi-brand ecommerce store selling to the mothers in the United States. Their social media feed was filled with product pictures provided to them by their suppliers. All their posts were product pictures showing cute kids wearing cute clothing, making the feed monotonous and predictable.

Having managed social media accounts of dozens of fashion brands, we knew that this brand too had a unique angle. An angle, that we could use to break the monotony and make their social media feed lively and engaging for their customers following them on social media. After hours of discussions, and several email exchange, we saw something they didn’t. Or maybe they did, but they didn’t know how to use it. While talking about their customers buying motivation, they said something we could use on their social media. They said that – mothers were more likely to buy products with cute prints. Mothers were buying clothes not necessarily because it was Mini Rodini, but because of the prints and patterns on the Mini Rodini’s products.

Call it the AHA moment, these prints were indeed very cute, and we could use them in posts, videos and especially stories, and that’s exactly what we did. Instead of highlighting the products, we highlighted the prints and the designers who designed it.

Instead of posting product pictures in stories, we pushed close-up of the prints in the stories.


Notice how we highlight the prints when posting a product picture on Instagram

We created short-video animations using fun prints 

As a result, their Instagram feed went from monotonous, repetitive and predictable to artistic, interesting and more appealing even when we were still posting product pictures provided by their supplier.

So if you too are running short of ideas and hate your social media feed, because you have been posting the same product pictures, again and again, you should think about your buyer’s motivations. Make a list of characteristics about your brand that move your customers. What do they love about your products and brand? Is it the print, lifestyle, benefit, feature, colors, texture, or fabric? As soon as you make a list about the motivation of your customers, you will be able to come up with dozens of fresh ideas about what your brand could post on your Social Media.

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