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Case Study – How we Used Instagram to Promote a Beauty Brand and Drive Sales

Acebeaute sells weightless, premium eyelashes on their online store We were contacted by this beauty brand to help them use Instagram to increase their online sales and brand awareness.

How did we do it?

We used hashtags to lay the foundation for what turned out to be a quite successful Instagram marketing campaign.

  • We researched hashtags actively used by their top 3 competitors and also included the ones they missed.
  • We shortlisted 30 hashtags that their customers are most likely to engage with
  • We strategically included these top 30 researched hashtags to gain exposure.
    We analyzed the users who were using these hashtags and started engaging with them.
  • We targeted an extremely specific niche for her “eyelashes”, instead of broad terms such as ‘makeup’ or ‘eye makeup’.
  • We started with hashtag research, which in turn lead us to do an extensive competitive research.
  • Engaging with them organically
  • We followed the followers of the competitors and tracked the results.

After a month, we shortlisted top 3 Instagram accounts whose followers were most likely to engage with Acebeaute. We also followed Acebeaute’s competitors who were selling similar products. Since we did not go abroad and engaged with a very narrow & specific audience, the initial growth was slow. But we knew that the audience we were building slowly & gradually was surely relevant.

Once we found the audience and knew that they were covering, all we had to do was engage with them with likes, thoughtful comments and following them. Hashtags and consistent posting helped us keep a healthy rate of engagement.

Ever since we started working on Acebeaute’s Instagram account, we have been able to increase their followers by 900% (they currently have close to 50,000 followers). The traffic from their Instagram account converts at roughly 15% because the audience we built for them is extremely relevant to their brand and products.

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